The estate consists of 15 hectares, 8 vineyards and 1 olive grove. Some of the estate is located in Torano Nuovo but the greater part is in Ancarano. 

Walking in the vineyards you will recognise the typical Abruzzian vines like the Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, the Trebbiano D'Abruzzo and some indigenous strains such as the Pecorino and the Passerina. Our oldest vineyard is around 60 years old  and it is cultivated in a typical Abruzzian way called "tendone", whereas the others are vineyards-rows.

Our main target is to produce a wine with passion and in the full respect of nature.

In the 1960s .......

The company was born in the 1960s with its founder Antonio Cordoni who handed down his love for the soil to his son Giuseppe. At the beginning of the 1970s we specialised on wine production and we platend most of our vines. They were planted in a typical Abruzzian way of vine-growning called  "tendone". His grandson Vincenzino always works to improve the vine-growing and the grapes' vinification in a environmentally sustainable way. 
Today Guseppe's grandchildren Gianni and Giuseppe are training themselves to continue the family business.


The strict selections in vineyards and in the winery allows us to vinificate only our best grapes, in this way we are able to obtain a wine with a minimal use of preservatives.

The winery's equipments are employed to carry out the traditional vinifications and to preserve the grapes' quality. The best red wines are refined in oak casks (25 hectolitre) and tonneaux (225 litre), which are placed in special underground rooms.