The estate consists of 15 hectares, 8 vineyards and one olive grove. Some of the estate is located in Torano Nuovo but the greater part is in Ancarano. After the harvest, grapes scrupulously selected from special vines are moved to the wine cellar where the production stage is carried out according to the quality and type of product being created. The fixtures and fittings have been chosen taking into account the technological innovations, allowing high-level processing in order to enhance the excellent characteristics of the fruit with its special varieties.
All the processes involved, from production to quality control to marketing to customer service, are carried out by the owners themselves.

In the 1960's .......

In the 1960's Antonio Cordoni planted the first vine on his sandy clay soil; he discovered that there was a market for producing and selling wine in bulk in his local area, the Teramo and Ascoli Piceno districts. From the outset Antonio involved his son Giuseppe in his efforts and later his grandson Vincezino; they worked passionately and hard to improve production. As time went on demand grew, and then they realised that the market and indeed the way of marketing wine were changing. With the aim of offering a much wider public the opportunity of tasting and knowing their wines, the Cordoni family decided to enlarge their business bottling their D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines.
Today Cordoni wine is a perfect balance between a long rural tradition and state-of-the-art vinification facilities. It is a high quality wine made with passion.


The wine cellar is supplied with equipment that is specifically designed to provide everything necessary for making good wine, conferring dignity and value to the pleasure and culture of wine. You can see technology such as pneumatic presses for soft pressing, wine pressers and scrapers. The fermentation machinery is complete with cooling systems to control the temperature during the fermentation phase.

The Cordoni family is convinced that the best way of making good wine is to carry out the whole cycle of production on its own premises. In this way one can guarantee greater control of the product without having to rely on any external agents. The family's latest move has been to create new spaces Specially adapted for conserving and maturing the wines before bottling. Here in underground and fully thermo-conditioned rooms, in Slavonia oak casks (25 hectolitre) and barriques (225 litre), the best wines are refined before they are ready for sale.